Who do you trust?

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It’s an important, timely and complex discussion with questions about the trust we place in elected officials, law enforcement, the Media and our Business Partners to name a few. So what is trust?

There are several definitions of trust as a noun or a verb. Many of them reference the words reliability, truth, ability, strength and confidence. Another word commonly used in definitions is relationship. We tend to be more trusting of what is more familiar. Conversely, In the absence of trust the result is often fear. We tend to fear the unknown or when we have no previous experience or relationship – but that’s for another blog.

From my own personal experience with rock climbing I am more likely to trust some-one on the other end of the rope if I know them. This translates into the business environment where I’ve worked for several companies who’ve used a variety of techniques to get employees to become more familiar with their colleagues. I’ve also used a variety of team building exercises with my own direct reports and project teams. Improved relationships foster trust, which is only one of the important outcomes of getting to know someone but its a very important one.

The subject of privacy is also important, timely and complex. A visitor to your website on average takes 7 – 10 seconds to decide whether or not to share their data. Trust is an important factor in their decision and it’s more likely they’ll be trusting if some form of relationship already exists. In the absence of an established relationship, 10 seconds is a brief opportunity to build trust. So its critical to provide strong indicators of reliability, truth, ability and others that will promote confidence, foster trust and allow us to build relationships. A privacy policy is a good first step, especially if you have the right processes in place to back it up.

So get to know us at JWT Privacy group. You may have questions about privacy and data protection and we have answers. Sign up for a free no obligation trial period so we can take more than 10 seconds to build a relationship…and trust.

Nigel Noticed

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