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Privacy and Data Protection started for me in 2009 with creating global privacy policies for one of the largest software companies in the world. My contributions included process optimization, business analysis, and implementation. None of our legal counsel specialized in Data Law, so we enlisted a Privacy lawyer who’ d already helped several large multinationals. The 16 month project identified the needs, challenges and benefits of privacy and data protection compliance. After implementation, I educated business units by clearly defining necessary changes to their operations. Questions subsided as we modified our processes and mindset to integrate privacy and develop best practices to remain compliant. Subsequent projects enhanced my expertise in project, data and change management while always considering privacy. That’s why I’m a big advocate of Privacy by Design. Years later, I met Steve Beckett who rekindled my passion with his extensive involvement in the privacy and data protection ecosystem. By partnering with Steve and the Global Privacy Group I’ve updated my knowledge, utilizing their comprehensive Learning Management System.

Let me share decades of experience and a diverse skill set with privacy, data, operations and change to help your organization achieve and maintain privacy and data protection compliance.

mailto: nigel@jwtprivacy.com

or call: 236.999.6832


As a small business owner for more than 20 years, I understand the importance for companies of all sizes to make the best use of their time and resources, while also protecting their business, employees and customers. I became aware of the dangers involving data while working with education partners. In the early days of the internet and digital learning, schools and other organizations too easily shared Personally Identifiable Information (PII). No one really knew any better, and the ramifications were not considered. It was an eye opening experience working with vendors, schools, teachers and parents to develop policy about what could be shared, and what should be asked for. All reputable companies wanted to find a solution that worked for their customers. It soon became apparent who might have other motives, and those companies quickly lost business. With JWT Privacy Group, I use that knowledge and experience to guide professionals and businesses of all sizes. Not only is privacy and data compliance the law in most jurisdictions, it is good business. Our mandate is to educate and promote the steps business owners should take to manage risk and enable their policies. There is no doubt privacy and data compliance are new concepts to many in the business and professional community. By necessity, it’s also down the list of priorities when dealing with the real daily challenge of running your operation. Our goal is to take this burden off you, and assist with implementing the procedures and policies that will be appreciated by your staff, vendors and clients. Call or email anytime to start a conversation!

mailto: ian@jwtprivacy.com

or call: 902.228.2529

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